Our Story.

Between us, we have nearly forty years experience in the design and manufacture of ornamental hand blown glass, which we are very proud to say is totally hand-made in Scotland! We met and married in 1989 and for fifteen years ran a glassblowing studio in Ruthin, North Wales. In 2004 we took a huge leap into the unknown and re-located to Loch Lomond, in Scotland, where we exchanged daffodils for thistles and Welsh dragons for red stags, although we still send Welsh Dragons down to Wales and further afield and people love daffodils so much we still make them too.

The glass we use is called ‘Borosilicate’, which is about nine times the strength of pottery, and gives the finished product a durability belied by its appearance. This enables us to post items within the UK and all over the globe. Using a variety of glass rods and tubes in various sizes, the glass is heated and worked in the flame to 2,450 degrees Celsius, at this stage the item is created, dragon, stag etc. We then fire it in one of our kilns to ‘anneal’ and remove any stress build up in the glass.

We colour the glass using specialist metallic glass lustre, from the palest shimmering mother of pearl through to green, ruby, purple and smoky black. Further firings are done, the record being eighteen for a blue and gold dragon and ball.

If you want to see of examples of some of our memorable pieces visit our Gallery page and click on Commissions. Or read our