The Making
Thank you and welcome to our web site.

Icefire Glass is situated within Antartex Village, and is close to the bonnie banks of Loch Lomond, near the historic ship building area of the Firth of Clyde.

We have over thirty years experience in the design and manufacture of hand blown glass, which we are very proud to say is totally handmade in Scotland. Visitors to the area are welcome to watch us working and we encourage questions about  our work, and how it is made.

The glass we use is called Borosilicate, which is about nine times stronger than pottery,and gives the finished product a durability belied by its appearance.
This enables us to post items within the UK and further afield. We regularly send items to Canada, Australia and the United States.

Using a variety of glass rods and tubes, the glass is heated and worked in the flame to 2,450 degrees celcius. At this stage the item is created; dragon, perfume bottle etc. It is then fired in our kiln to 'anneal' and remove stress.

The glass is coloured using special lustres from the palest shimmering mother of pearl,  through to deep purple and smokey black. The items are again fired and can be enhanced using gold and platinium.

Clients and Recipients:-

   At our studio, we have a large range of items for sale. From small Highland Cattle to large Dragons, as well as more functional candlesticks and perfume bottles. Our ranges include:

Dragons, fairies, mermaids, pegasus, unicorns. or myth to order!

Dolphins, Tigers, African Game, Sharks, Scorpions, Spiders, Swans, Swallows, Kingfishers, Herons, Birds of Prey and Dragonflies.

The Lion Rampant, Stags, Thistles in many shapes and forms, Mackintosh style Roses, Candlesticks, Clan Crests, Coats of Arms, Highland coo's and Nessie!

Unique Wedding favours, Swizzle sticks, Cake tops and decorations. Our most recent additon is beautiful horseshoes. These are decorated and be-ribboned with stunning tartan silk, organza ribbons and bows, or choose a colour to match your chosen theme. Each horseshoe is presented in a beautifully co-ordinated gift box.

Special Occasions and Anniversaries.
From new babies to Diamond Weddings! This range has those 'stuck for ideas' things. Pink and blue storks,rocking horses, roses, flowers. Items in silver, ruby, pearl gold and with initials or dates.

From the recently formed Royal Regiment of Scotland to the famous
'Pegasus' emblem of the Parachute Regiment. We provide a unique range of military insignia and cap badges. Apart from The Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, these are only available to order.